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Device Troubleshooting

In this page, you can get device’s status, runtime error log and do OTA mandatory update.
Enter device‘s IP in the form below

Due to iOS system security restrictions, the following button functions cannot be used. Please copy the following link, then open the mobile browser and paste it to open this page.


Do mandatory OTA update

Beta Firmware

  1. When the official firmware of the device was the latest version, the app will not prompt to update;
  2. The updated list will be displayed through the app according to each of device model;
  3. The beta version may be abnormal or unstable. If you encounter an abnormality, please report it to us at the first time. Thanks for your understanding!
  4. Click “After the test version is pushed” to open the app. If your device is within the test range, a new prompt icon will appear in the device list.

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