ODM Services Includings:

1.Hardware and packaging design and printing
Since 2014, we have focused on OEM and ODM services for streaming multi-zone audio playback equipment, so we have accumulated a lot of OEM and ODM customization experience. If you want to develop your streaming multi-zone audio playback business, you can easily You can help you customize your exclusive brand.
We have accumulated many years of experience in product certification and audio content certification, and can complete the relevant certification in the shortest time, saving you the progress of product launch.
3.APP shelves, update service
Provide continuous app shelf and upgrade services.
4. OTA online upgrade service
Provide ROM&MCU OTA upgrade service.
5.SDK and API interface to provide and support
For customers who have the ability to redevelop, we provide SDK and related technical support. Users can develop different styles of applications and try to meet the needs of different customers in different scenarios.

For all customized projects, UYESEE will keep confidential information for all customers. It will not be released to any third party.